• Image of 3 Day Juice Cleanse

6 (16 oz.) juices/day = 18 juices total
Digital Cleanse Guide

#1 - apple, ginger root, cucumber
#2 - parsley, wheatgrass, celery, apple, beet
#3 - carrot, apple, ginger root
#4 - spinach, green apple, lime, ginger, cucumber
#5 - carrot, apple, ginger root
#6 - beet, ginger, apple

This juice detox is a basic cleanse meant to eliminate toxins built up over time from pesticides, chemicals, pollution, overindulgence and bodily waste. Signs of toxin build up include headache, fatigue, depression, insomnia, belching, flatulence, irritability, nausea, abdominal discomfort, tender abdomen, loss of memory or concentration, lack of sexual desire, skin blemishes, shallow complexion, bad breath, coated tongue, body odor, lower back pain, menstrual problems and aches and pains.

A juice cleanse can:
* help with weight loss
* improve immune function
* improve sleep
* clear mental fog and fatigue
* equip your cell with the nutrients necessary to heal themselves
* detox your organs
* aid in correcting digestive issues
* reset your palette for healthier eating
* stabile blood sugar
* drain water weight
* drain your liver
* heighten your sex drive
* increase your energy
*lower blood pressure
*normalize hormones
* brighten your eye sight