Melise Frazier is a holistic health coach and motivational speaker.  Through Love Core Life, Melise teaches women how to love their core by implementing practical strategies of radical self-love every day. Her aim is to inspire women all over the world to replace feelings of fear and self-doubt with love and extreme self worth.

Melise came to this place purposefully, as her own desire to overcome unhealthy thinking and bad food habits caused a deep conversation with herself about what her “best” life entailed. After discovering a lump in her breast, which turned out to be benign, at the age of 24, Melise knew that her lifestyle had to change. She also knew that the state of her health was comprised of much more that than foods she ate. She knew that sickness for her was also a manifestation of negative thinking, poor decision-making and a lack of self worth. Armed with this knowledge, her journey of self-discovery and self- healing began.

Melise began independently studying nutrition, became a flexi-tarian, and began meditation and journaling to find her own path to love her core. This led to a greater desire to help other women to heal themselves. After completing the Holistic Nutrition program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) she started her Holistic Health Coaching practice, where she teaches women how to eat what’s specifically best for them through designed nutritional plans, educational sessions on the benefits of juice cleanses and detoxing, as well as prepared meal services and instruction on shopping for healthy food on a budget.

It wasn’t until Melise led a Desire Map group, that she found the outline to get women to dig a little deeper in finding what would truly motivate them to stay committed to loving their core through learning their very own Core Desired Feelings. It is through this work with women that Melise has found her purpose. Teaching women to love themselves every single day.